• Brand NameOxygold
  • Technical NameOxyflurofen 23.5 %EC
  • Molecular FormulaC15H11CIF3NO4
  • Crops Ground Nut, Onion, Potato, Rice, Tea

  • Product Specifications
  • Mode of Action

    Oxygold is a pre and early post emergence diphenyl ether group based herbicide, controls wide range of broad leaf weeds & some annual grasses.

  • Special Features

    • Broad spectrum of weed control.
    • Strong contact & residual action.
    • Very low solubility in soil water.
    • Flexibility in application.
    • Longer duration of control
    • Safe for crop.
    • High cost benefit ratio.
  • Application

    For Pre – emergence application can be made within 0 – 3 days of transplanting or sowing. As an early Post-emergence application can be made up to 2 – 3 leaf stage of weeds.

  • Compatibility

    Tank mixed application with common herbicide to broaden an extended weed control. It is advisable to follow local agricultural universities recommendations.

  • Phytotoxicity

    Being a selective herbicides it kills only the targeted weeds as Recommended dosage & does not harm the crop.

  • Available Packs

    100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litres.

  • Warranty

    Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.