Hexaconazole SC

  • Hexaconazole SC

  • Technical NameHexaconazole 5 SC
  • Molecular FormulaC14H17Cl2N3O
  • Crops Grapes, Mango, Rice

  • Product Specifications
  • Mode of Action

    Sitara Plus is a unique systemic triazole fungicide, acting as protective, curative and eradicant with strong antisporulant and translaminar action. It is potent ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor. Ergosterol, a principal sterol in most fungi is an indispensable component in the membrane structures.

  • Special Features

    • Broad-spectrum fungicide controlling wide range of diseases infecting many crops.
    • Gives excellent control of Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes. It is effective at lower dosages for long period.
    • Broad-spectrum fungicide, which also controls soil borne fungi like Fusarium, Sclerotium and Rhizoctonia, very effectively.
    • Safe fungicide with low toxicity to mammals, fish, birds and natural enemies.
  • Application

    Ideally it should be used prophylactically or immediately when first symptoms of disease are noticed. Repeat spray at an interval of 10 – 12 days depending upon climatic conditions and disease severity.

  • Application Rate

    1000 – 1250ml per hectare formulation. Water Volume ranges between 500 to 1000 liter per hectare based upon crop type and crop stage. It is advised that the user must read the label and leaflet attached to the container for details or follow local universities recommendations.

  • Compatibility

    It is compatible with commonly used pesticides. It is not compatible with lime sulphur and Bordeaux mixture or alkaline solutions.

  • Phytotoxicity

    Phytotoxicity has not been reported, when used as recommended.

  • Available Packs (Sitara Plus)

    100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter

  • Warranty

    Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.